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Chauffeured Events - Roadshows

Whatever the Roadshow, meticulous planning and attention to details employed by SMAT Chauffeurs will help to ensure a smooth and stress free event. Sit back and relax – SMAT Chauffeur services – Your London roadshow chauffeurs.

Movie Premieres

After many months and in some cases years of planning, rehearsals and recordings, the movie production is complete. Now its time to showcase it for the world to see and what better way than to give it the red carpet treatment – More cameras, more lighting and yes the celebrities. With crowds of awaiting fans, this premiere vip's arrive in style, the SMAT Chauffeurs way! Being Chauffeured in top luxury chauffeur cars and in style is precisely what SMAT's Movie Premiere Chauffeurs do best.

Product Promotion and Launching

If you're about to launch a new product, maximum publicity is paramount. From online advertising to radio and tv publicity, you need to keep the momentum going. Let the word on the street be about your product. Your success is our success and at SMAT Chauffeurs, our product promotion and launching chauffeur service can help with your product branding and increased exposure. Simply let us know your intentions and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the extent we are willing to go to make your dream come true.


Earls Court Exhibition Centre -
Another area where you might require maximum exposure for your product is at Exhibitions. Generally speaking, people come to exhibitions to have a look out for what is supposed to be the next big thing. Therefore considering there will be more than one industry exhibiting their ware at the same time as yours, every little thing you do will go a long way towards achieving your goals of increased product awareness. So if it were possible to advertise your stuff before, during and after the exhibition, won't you?
London's Earl's court exhibition centre is one such place where due to its location and size can greatly increase your product awareness and hopefully translate to sales. If you want to take advantage of strategically promoting yourself before and during the event thus leading to an increased demand for your ware and also after the event, then SMAT's Exhibition chauffeurs is the service you need.

Excel Exhibition Centre -
The importance of product promotion at exhibitions can not be emphasised enough. An exhibition at London's Excel centre will bring so much publicity for your procuct. Take good advantage of what exhibition chauffeur service can do for you and give SMAT Chauffeur Services' Exhibition Chauffeurs a call today.

Roadshow Chauffeur

SMAT Chauffeur Services can help with your events itinerary planning, arrange your close contact security, provide concierge services and more. We're happy to help so give us a call and lets work it out together.

Chauffeurs for all your roadshow events...Sit back & relax with SMAT Chauffeur Services.