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SMAT Chauffeurs

Personal / Private Chauffeurs

Irrespective of gender or age, trust, safety and customer care will always be essential to customers when making a chauffeur driven car booking, and rightfully so. At SMAT Chauffeur Services, we understand and respect these concerns. Personal / Private Chauffeurs

  • will respect your privacy
  • are helpful yet professional
  • make sure cars are always well maintained and regularly checked
  • obey all road traffic laws
  • are very experienced thus reducing the distractions of technology
  • above all are vetted and police checked

SMAT Chauffeurs will take care of all your personal / private chauffeur driven transfers

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Corporate Chauffeurs

Image is everything in the corporate world where quality service and care is most important. From your luxury airport transfers to your long awaited corporate roadshow, expect only the best as we guarantee the highest level of service. At SMAT Chauffeur Services, our very experienced corporate chauffeurs are here to help :

  • are aware of image presented
  • always work as a team, leading to an impecable customer experience
  • are professional and very experienced
  • know how to and attend to the needs of the customers
  • brings a personal touch to a corporate world

SMAT Chauffeurs are here to take care of all your corporate chauffeuring needs.

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Events Chauffeurs

Events chauffeurs for any special occasion are similar to personal and corporate chauffeurs. The main additions here arises from the event's purpose. Where the event is a multi car one and for the whole day, the emphasis would be on flexibility and proper co-ordination. Where the events goes on for days, the best service is achieved from consistency.

Whatever the event, SMAT's events chauffeurs will put together the best pack for your chauffeured event:

  • For multi-car event, chauffeurs are provisional allocated a pick up on a changing basis. a marshall or lead chauffeur will be assigned as co-ordinator.
  • there will be unique identifying features for all chauffeurs
  • last minute changes are easily catered for
  • Where event is an international roadshow, chauffeur will be ready to travel at short notice.
  • For a multi-car day(s) event, chauffeurs will be assigned a particular passenger and will remain with the passenger from day one to finish

Professional chauffeurs for your events by Smat Chauffeur Services

VIP Chauffeurs

When attending to the chauffeuring needs of VIP's, the expectation from our chauffeurs and the team as a whole is high. What we have come to realise over the many years of service is that looking after our vips don't have to be a daunting experience but one of confidence, professionalism and attention to the needs of the clients. Some times the customer doesn't want to arrive on time! sometimes the customer wants the air-conditioning to be the exact opposite to what might have been the case!

Some things are however an absolute must and at SMAT chauffeur service, our Vip chauffeurs :

  • will be in the right car for the occasion
  • re fully aware of all the customer's needs and requests
  • maintain total discretion
  • understand the possibility of last minute changes
  • also know the best places to go for most outings
  • are security aware and adapt their driving speed and routes accordingly
  • where the ultimate service is required, your chauffeur will arrive in a prestige car
              ( Rolls Royce Ghost,  Rolls Royce Phantom,  Maybach )

Your chauffeur driven VIP's will be taken care of by SMAT Chauffeur's vip chauffeurs

Hotel Chauffeurs

Whether its the Hilton hotel, the Dorchester hotel, the Grosvenor house hotel, the Grove hotel or any 5 star or 4 star hotel, SMAT Chauffeurs are just what you need for those very important chauffeur driven transfers. Attention to details and experience is what makes us stand out from the others. Our aim quite simply is to remain the best chauffeur service provider and when it comes to quality chauffeuring as expected from hotels, SMAT Chauffeur Services will always be the company of choice.

Chauffeurs for london - personal and corporate chauffeur hire... Sit back & relax with SMAT Chauffeur Services.