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Sit back & Relax - Welcome to SMAT Chauffeurs.

I use SCS regularly for personal transfers and had no problem using them for my wedding. When ‘Ade’ explained to me that their wedding chauffeur service package could cover wedding photography, I left everything in their hands. On the d-day when my lovely bride arrived in the wedding limousine, I smiled. Without going into details, I was very happy. For anyone getting married soon, call SMAT Chauffeur Services. You won't regret it!.
Sean E

The level of service I received today blew my mind away. I plan to move my business chauffeur service needs over to you. I'll keep in touch. Many thanks.

My wife and I will like to thank you for a wonderfully arranged wedding chauffeur service pack. The chauffeurs were great, the wedding photographer and videographer which you sorted out for us also did a fantastic job. If ever you consider changing your company name, why not try "Great chauffeur services". Can't thank you enough.
Mr & Mrs. D

About Us

For the many years we've enjoyed working in the chauffeur service industry, we've learnt the following crucial points along the way.

  • involving people ( as opposed to simply giving instructions ) will help them and subsequently the company grow
  • be glad when you get complaints - people want to stay with you and are simply making suggestions
  • people will only complain about the price of a chauffeur service only when they find fault with such service
  • you don't always have a second chance to make a first impression so aim to get it right the first time
  • we do what we do because we don't know how to do otherwise

Yet the most important thing we've learnt was that the first priority for any chauffeur company should be making a name. A good name will ultimately open doors leading to company growth. “a good name is better than silver and gold!”.  Really?
We made good use of these principles which have proven to work to our continued success.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance - Positive customer feedback was the main reason we started the company. Smat Chauffeur Services' aim has always been to provide an exceptional quality chauffeur service rather than just quantity. We were going to stick with just a few clients and give only the best service: We would rather be under-booked but with happy customers than over-booked and with unhappy ones. We were only going to increase our size according to client need and number.

Relationships -
Although all members of our team are professionals, we hand-picked the team on a relationship basis. The operations, key staff and chauffeurs had to have a ‘we’ attitude working closely together. Most chauffeur service companies fail when the different teams fail to work together. The biggest scrutiny though was on our chauffeurs - How we perceived they will treat our customers firstly, then their experience and finally their tools (assuming they owned their own vehicles). In return we were selective about the customers we took on board. Demanding customers give us the opportunity to demonstrate why many have turned to us for their chauffeuring needs.

When you come to us for your service ( we're not limited to chauffeur driven service only! )

  • We will look at ways to help promote you and yours
  • We have a can do attitude - will find new solutions
  • we will deal with you sincerely and honestly
  • We always use the best tools available - luxury cars, experienced chauffeurs, operations, technology
  • When we say yes, we guarantee it
  • We aim to exceed your expectations

Our Vision is quite simple : when with us be assured you can indeed SIT BACK AND RELAX!!!.

Sit back & Relax!!!

No matter how organised we are, sometimes we forget very small things which often can make our lives stressful. Forget to arrange the best pick up times and your journey is certain to be stressful. Don't have the full address for that venue?. More stress. Well, at Luxury Chauffeur driven Smat Chauffeur Services, we're here to help make life a little bit more pleasant for you

  • Smat Chauffeur Services are able to advice on best pick up times for your journey plus an estimated journey time for your peace of mind
  • Grab a few minutes of rest whilst travelling. Stretch out in our luxury chauffeur driven limousines and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Your specific location clarified for your luxurious chauffeur driven hire - what terminal or which of the ‘Hiltons’
  • Daily Newspapers, Magazines, free wifi and complimentary bottled water supplied in all our Luxury chauffeur cars
  • Have your itinerary for that special occasion or events sorted our for you. Simply send us the bits you have and we will accomodate whatever last minute changes accordingly
  • Your Chauffeur Hire carried out by experienced hand-picked chauffeurs so there is no need to worry about giving directions ( feel free to do so if you prefer ). Satellite Navigation is available in all our luxury chauffeur cars even though our chauffeurs rely on their many years of chauffeuring experience.

Smart Chauffeurs

At Smat Chauffeur Services, by liaising with our customers and our smart chauffeurs on a regular basis, we are proud to share what we view as the most important requirement for all chauffeur hire by all chauffeur companies.

  • All chauffeurs to work as part of a team. This team spirit ensures that everyone is kept abreast of all information paramount to ensuring an excellent customer chauffeur service experience from ‘customers preferred route and choice of music’ to any future deviation to latter bookings
  • All chauffeurs have undergone an enhanced Police check for your safety
  • Your chauffeur driven car should never be late, should always be clean and your chauffeur should always be immaculately dressed and presentable!
  • At Smat Chauffeur Services ™, our smart chauffeurs have a minimum of 5 years chauffeuring experience and are hand picked for excellence

Case Study

  1. A group of models on a 4 days photoshoot roadshow in london. Having looked at their itinerary, Smat chauffeur services were able to suggest a few alterations which led to their photoshoot being completed in 3 days! This was achieved thanks to Smat Chaufffeur Services' extensive ground knowledge thus avoiding potentially wasted time going round in circles.
  2. A couple almost had their wedding at the registry cancelled due to lateness of their limousine and the lack of knowledge and experience of their chauffeur. This would have not been the case had they booked it with Smat Chauffeurs as their service is guaranteed. Their chauffeur driven limousine would have been at least half an hour early.
  3. Smat Chauffeur services carried out a study to compare the cost of employing a personal chauffeur to employing the services of a Chauffeur company and the conclusion: You're better off employing the services of a chauffeur service company. The financial advantages, the reliability and the options available make employing us a much better option.

We could list endless cases of why Smat Chauffeur Services should always be your first choice service provider. It all comes down to experience, vision and pride and Smat chauffeur services are pleased to put all these to good use on your charter.

Why SMAT Chauffeur Services?

Here are some reasons why you should trust SMAT Chauffeur Services for your chauffeur hire and luxury car services

  • Your chauffeur hire is carried out by highly experienced chauffeurs
  • Your Chauffeur Service Guarantee - we do what we promise or you get the service for free*
  • a wider range of luxury and prestige cars available to you
  • free wifi, complimentary water and daily newspapers / magazines - tv available in most of our cars
  • more booking options - by phone, fax, email, online, text and by voicemail
  • 3 regular chauffeurs assigned to you
  • Chauffeur company of excellence and integrity - we aim to exceed your expectations

Sit back & relax!!! - Welcome to Smat Chauffeur Hire & Luxury Car Services

Our Vision

Our Vision at Smat Chauffeur services is simply to be and be known as the first choice service provider for luxury chauffeur travel - Total reliability, absolute professionalism, fairness and honesty. To provide our loyal customers a guaranteed chauffeur service and to encourage others to greater standards and accountability.

We have shown in the past through our strategic operations that the chauffeur service industry can indeed provide a level of service where customers need not worry about any bookings made. To this end, we introduced the ‘Guaranteed Chauffeur Service’ as a testament to our commitment to quality service:

  • SMAT Chauffeurs are NEVER late.
  • SMAT Chauffeurs are ALWAYS immaculate, knowledgeable and helpful.
  • SMAT Chauffeurs' cars are ALWAYS clean and presentable

Anything short of this and the car is yours for free.


Our Vision simply is to be the best chauffeur service company in London. Why not Open a SCS™ account today.

Your Chauffeur Company of excellence and integrity ... Sit back & relax with SMAT Chauffeur Services