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Lexus LS600

Lexus LS-600 Lexus LS600 interior Lexus LS 600 sideview

Luxury Chauffeur Car

The Lexus LS600 hybrid luxury chauffeur car - A car in a class of its own. An absolute delight to be chauffeured in, mostly appreciated for its sheer quietness. In a world where eco friendly cars are on the increase, the LS600 hybrid chauffeur car aims to be both luxuriously comfortable and envoronmentally friendly.

Lexus Chauffeur Hire

The quietest luxury car to be driven in - the Lexus LS600 hybrid. Try out your Lexus chauffeur hire with SMAT Chauffeur Services.

The LS600 Hybrid... Sit back & relax with SMAT Chauffeur Services.