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Full Day Wedding Chauffeur service

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One thing everyone wants for their wedding day is peace of mind: Assurance that all the weeks and months of preparations will go according to plan. The Wedding photographer has to be on time. The wedding video team has to be on time. The hairdresser, the decorators and of course the guests.

SMAT Chauffeurs will not let you down. Long before your prebooked time, your chauffeur driven wedding car / limousine will be parked outside and decorated. For wedding chauffeur cars hire booked for the whole day, have a quick look outside your window an hour before the prebooked time and you will find your fully uniformed chauffeur (chauffeur hat and all) by your wedding chauffeur car strategically parked and ready to whisk you off to what will be the best day of your life (after having physically check out the venue to ascertain the right entrance).

For full day wedding bookings, one of the members of the SMAT Chauffeur Services wedding chauffeur team would have either met with you to show you or posted to you prior to the day samples of ribbons for you to choose from. Where you have made it clear you will be supplying the ribbons yourselves, we would arrange to collect it before the day or on the day itself.

If you require champagne to be supplied by us, please let us know otherwise yours will do just fine. In the event that SMAT Chauffeurs are not arranging your photography, your chauffeur will be taking a complimentary picture of the bride and the groom at some point during your journeys but before the venue of the reception. You will get your developed picture a week after the wedding. This of course is at no cost to you but rather a complimentary gift from us to you. HAPPY DAYS!!!. In summary,

Full day Weddings

  • Test run to ascertain the right entrance for the couple where necessary
  • Wedding Chauffeur car outside 1 hour before prebooked time at no charge
  • Ribbons of your choice
  • Champagne can be arranged
  • Complimentary wedding picture

So for all your wedding needs, cars and chauffeured ... Sit back & relax with SMAT Chauffeur Services.