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London Eye

The London eye, formerly known as and still is the Millenium wheel was built as a landmark to usher in the millenium and has since become the UK's most popular visitor attraction with visitor number well over 3 million per year. It took the skills of hundreds of people from five countries and seven years to make it a reality.

Although located right in the heart of Westminster, it is possible to see roughly 25 miles away from London and as far as Windsor castle on a clear day!. A complete cycle on the wheel takes approximately 35 minutes to complete with each pod available for public hire for special occasions.

London Eye booking line :
+44 (0) 871 781 3000

Opening times :
Sep – Mar : 10am – 8.30pm
Apr – Jun : 10am – 9pm
Jul – Aug : 10am – 9.30pm

London Eye Chauffeur Tours

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