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image of a sideview at The Tower of London

Tower of London

Although some peasants successfully breached the walls in 1381, the tower has been known for its formidable defences and is home to the crown jewels together with other priceless symbols of the British monarchy. The tower of London is the place where Queen Anne Boleyn, 2nd wife of King Henry the 8th was executed on tower green. Subsequently the white tower was built to strike fear and submission into the hearts of unruly citizens of London and to deter foreign invaders.

Archives available at the tower include the Royal armouries, the Royal fusiliers, the Yeoman wardens archives and collections of architectural drawings. Experience the Yeoman Warden tours of the tower and be amazed by this magnificent historic landmark that is the tower of London.

Tower of London Chauffeur Tours

To make the most of your visit to the tower, why not see what other places of attraction you can enjoy alongside. SMAT chauffeurs' Tower of London chauffeur driven sightseeing tours which is part of the London eye chauffeured pack is specially designed with maximum viewing pleasure in mind. For other attractions you want to visit, just give us a call. We cater for all your London and Uk chauffeured sightseeing tours from packaged tours to custom made tours.

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