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Meet and Greet

meet and greet

Meet and Greet Service

Apart from meeting and greeting clients at the airport which of course is standard airport procedure, “meet and greet” service has become one of our luxury chauffeur service favourites. Due to the high demand on some of our customer's time, the need for a reliable and trustworthy relationship between the customer and the chauffeur service company is necessary. Attention to details and a willingness to help can free up some precious time for our customers who would otherwise have to take time off work to meet an important client, a family member or friend.

SMAT Chauffeurs' meet and greet service will meet and greet your clients as per your instruction – with a bouquet of flowers, a nameboard displaying your company logo, with a chaperone if required – the list of how we can meet and greet yours is endless.

Meet and Greet at the airport or otherwise... Sit back & relax with SMAT Chauffeur Services.