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Private Hire Vehicle and Private Hire London Chauffeur

If you're thinking of coming to London or the UK soon and will require private hire transportation, perhaps starting off with an airport transfer and then onwards to an event, roadshow or even a holiday, then you most likely will need an experienced private hire London chauffeur and a private hire vehicle and to make the most of your stay.

SMAT Chauffeur Services is a leading luxury chauffeur service company, providing private hire chauffeur driven cars. In recent years, private hire chauffeur service is something which has now been seen as a practical tool to help promote you and yours during your stay in London and the UK.

We provide Private Hire Transportation - Chauffeur Service using the very best London chauffeurs and luxury cars !!!

Private hire London chauffeur

Hiring a London Chauffeur is simple - Whether for a vip in Mayfair or a high profile person in Docklands - a wedding occasion or even a sightseeing tour... simply call SMAT Chauffeur Services. With almost 20 years in the transportation industry and not having a negative feedback online or otherwise, does this not say a lot about a private hire company that claims to be one of the best in luxury chauffeured services? You're paying so you deserve to indeed sit back and relax !!!

Did you know?
Three things MUST be certain before you get into ANY private hire vehicle - Read on...

#1 - The Company
( Operator )

ALL Private Hire bookings MUST be made through a PCO licensed chauffeur company.

Such PRIVATE HIRE VEHICLE OPERATOR will have an OPERATOR LICENSE issued by the licensing body of that area.

In London, the Public Carriage Office (PCO) under the umbrella of Transport for London is the body responsible. To verify whether a company is licenced and hence legal, contact tfl

#2 - The Car
( Vehicle )

Private Hire bookings must be carried out in a licenced PRIVATE HIRE VEHICLE.

In London, there is a yellow disc displayed on both the front and rear windscreens. If there is a complaint, you should first contact the company you booked the vehicle with, otherwise contact TFL stating the number displayed on the yellow disc of the vehicle you are in.

Further checks on vehicles are carried out by an independent body.

#3 - The Chauffeur
( Driver )

Private hire bookings made

(1) with / through a private hire vehicle operator and

(2) carried out in a PCO licenced private hire vehicle MUST be done

(3) by a PCO licenced PRIVATE HIRE DRIVER only.

If in doubt, ask your chauffeur for their PCO badge.

Now ask yourself these three questions and answering only YES to ALL three should you get into any Private Hire vehicle.

  1. Did you make your booking through a licenced Private Hire Operator? - You can verify if an operator is licenced by using the tfl link above
  2. Is the vehicle you're about to get into a Licenced Private Hire Vehicle? - Most licenced private hire vehicles will have a visible identifier
  3. Is your chauffeur a licenced Private Hire driver? - Licensed London Private Hire Drivers will have a pco licenced i.d badge

In most cases, by booking your car through a licenced private hire company, you can be assured that the vehicles and the chauffeurs are licenced and legal.

Your Private Hire London Chauffeur Service

SMAT Chauffeur Services is a fully licenced Private Hire Operator, providing UK and London Chauffeur service using the very best private hire luxury cars for wedding, meet and greet, airport transfer, roadshow, events, concierge services and more. Give us a call today and find out how we can help make your stay in or visit to London both comfortable and productive.

London luxury Private hire company providing PCO licenced drivers and chauffeur driven vehicles... Sit back & relax with SMAT Chauffeur Services
Private Hire Operator Licence Number : 4632